Flashlight 1.5

Enjoy the full perks of an LED torch

If you've ever been left rummaging in the dark for your keys, you know how handy a mini LED light can come in handy. Now, thanks to Mobile Apps Inc, you can enjoy the full perks of an LED torch with this handy Flashlight app.

Ditch unreliable mini torches and novelty lighters for something you can actually depend on. Free to download and use, this app instantly transforms your phone into a powerful torch, utilizing your camera LED to provide you with all the illumination you need.

This Flashlight app uses the full power of your phones LED light to create a strong strobe light that'll cut through even the pitch back.

Quick to launch and trigger, you won't be left hanging in the dark for long, with a streamlined app interface for easy personalizing and control once you've turned the light on. Switch from on to off in an instant, or trigger the pulse/blinking mode if you need to send a signal.

For extreme emergencies, users of this app will be pleased to discover a built-in SOS signal to help draw attention to your location when in distress. This added feature is a much appreciated addition, and could save a life if the worst ever happens.

This app offers one of the brightest lights for your phone available, with incredibly simple controls and user-friendly features so everyone can get to grips with the ins and outs in moments. Simply hit the on/off button to enable or disable your LED torch, or swipe for instantaneous strobe lighting. It's easy to tailor brightness levels of frequency, with touchscreen-friendly sliders so you can achieve optimum optics and illumination.

As long as you've got your phone on you, you'll never be caught short in the dark again. Perfect for when you've lost your house or car keys at the end of a long night, or just need a little help getting to your destination in the dark. If you've ever been short-changed with limited LED apps offering little light, this flash-light app will be a breath of fresh air.



Flashlight 1.5

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